Ch Windbourne Make My Day X Ch Silver Ridge Starz Timeless
Owners: Shelley Campbell, Lisa Schermerhorn, Shea & Tiffany Skinner
Breeders: Gloria Castenholz, Lisa Schermerhorn & Tia Johns
Call Name: Tess
5/22/2006 –

Tess had an auspicious beginning. She had decided early on that she was capable of doing “everything” without direction from anyone. Shelley, always with a smile pasted on her face, persevered and guided Tess to her Championship. Then home to grow up.

While at home Tess decided to become the female version of Houdini. She would dig herself out of one field, that she shared with her group of doggie friends, under the fence and hot wire and then dig herself into another field, under more fence and hot wire, to play with the other dogs. Then later she would return the same way. In the process of a death defying trick under one of the fences she proceeded to flay one ear entirely in half. After a tricky surgical repair she lived with one ear taped over the top of her head for two months. Very cute. After that it became apparent that Tess needed a job. So off to work for Tess! And work she has done with unflappable and boundless enthusiasm. And she has always worked with her best friend and second mom, Tiffany Skinner. From the beginning they were a team with mutual love and devotion.

Tess has garnered many awards with Tiffany’s guidance. She was #1 Coonhound both breed and all breed in 2009 and 2010. She was National Specialty BOB in 2009 and 2010. She has won 8 All Breed BIS, 46 Group 1Wins, 134 Group Placements. She has been BOB at Westminster and the AKC/Eukanauba Invitational. This girl LOVES her job!

But now, she is going on to a new job. Her most demanding and difficult yet, that of a mommy. We look for her children to continue in her footsteps.



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