American Black and Tan Coonhound Club


President: Jeannette Wright
Vice President: Marilu Baskin
Secretary: Jacquelyn Iden
Treasurer: Robert Miller
Board: Harlan Cannon, Thomas Mohr, Shirley Trainer

Specialty Shows (or Matches):

Date: March 23,1979
Location: Tucson, Arizona
Event: National Specialty (independent) (Third Specialty)
Judge: Mr. Arthur L. Carter
Dogs in Competition: 13


BOB: Ch. WyEast Wanderlust, Margo Sensenbrenner
BOS: Ch. Berghafen Johnson Katryn, William P. & Sue Klein
WD,BOW: Iden Johnson Hilcountry Herb, CD, Geraldine Kline 
WB: Berghafen Johnson Karol, Rachel Oestelie & Berghafen Kennels 
RWD: Berghafen Johnson Kelly, Dawne Johnson & Berghafen Kennels 
RWB: Rio Seco Alegra, Rich & Rachel Oestelie & Jackie Iden 
Stud Dog: Ch. Merhaba Olive Seer, Berghafen Kennels, Reg. 
Brood Bitch: Ch. WyEast Water Lily, CD, Barry & Jean Katz

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