American Black and Tan Coonhound Club


President: Dawne Johnson
Vice President: Tommy Mohr
Secretary: Geraldine Kline
Treasurer: LaVerne Anderson
Board: James Corbett, Fred Vonalt, Jeannette Wright

Specialty Shows (or Matches):

Date: March 26,1976
Location:Chicago, Illinois
Event: 4th Sanctioned B Match
Judge :Mrs. Jean Paul
Dogs in Competition: 20


Best Puppy: Ridgemohr's Smokin Winchester, Thomas Mohr 
Best Adult: Becrelens Pact of Stoneyhill, Mr. & Mrs. Robert Koerber

Date: August 6,1976
Location: Jefferson City, Missouri
Event: 5th Sanctioned B Match
Judge: Edith Nash Hellerman
Dogs in Competition: 15


Best Puppy: Shirtrai Call Me Trinity, Shirley Trainer 
Best Adult: Ridgemohr Federal Marshal, Tommy Mohr

Date: November 27,1976
Location: Memphis, Tennessee
Event: 6th Sanctioned B Match
Judge: Dr. C. Creston Farrow
Dogs in Competition: 17


Best Puppy: Do Mor's B C Hogan, Jill & Tom Floumoy 
Best Adult: Stoney hill's Aunt Pittypat, Joy & Bob Koerber

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