American Black and Tan Coonhound Club


President: James Corbett
Vice President: Dawne Johnson
Secretary: Geraldine Kline
Treasurer: La Verne Anderson
Board: Richard Schwarz, John Stoecker

Specialty Shows (or Matches):

Date: March 28,1975
Location: Chicago, Illinois
Event- 2nd Sanctioned B Match
Judge: Donald C. Martin
Dogs in Competition: 17


Best Puppy: Ridgemohr's Shirtrai Hard, Shirley Trainer 
Best Adult: Placid Farms No No Naomi, Jacqueline Adams

Date: August 23,1975
Location: Ravenna, Ohio
Event: 3rd Sanctioned B Match
Judge: Wynn Suck
Dogs in Competition: 8


Best Puppy: Daisy-Mae, Herman Frank
Best Adult: Tolbert's Jason Hunter, Loren & Mary Jo Tolbert 
Stud Dog: Ch. St John's Glory Hunter, Tommy Mohr 
Brood Bitch: Tolbert's Hello Dolly, Loren & Mary Jo Tolbert

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