2008 Western Regional Specialty
American Black & Tan Coonhound Club, Inc.
Thursday, January 3, 2008 -
Held at Empire Equestrian Park and Polo Field
Indio, CA

Best of Breed CH Windbourne Make My Day , S Campbell/T Skinner/S Skinner
Best of Opposite Sex  - CH Fullmoon's Unfaith Full , V James/M Greaver
Best of Winners  - Windbourne Silver Linning, S Campbell/M Blaze/S Blaze
Winners Dog  - Rockytop Top Gun Wingman, T Locatelli
Winners Bitch  - Windbourne Silver Linning, S Campbell/M Blaze/S Blaze
Reserve Winner Bitch  - Harmony Hollow Stormy Weather, P Agnew-Kidd/C Kidd

Breed - Mrs. M L Billings

1   WD 5  Rockytop Top Gun Wingman, HP247301/06. 1/28/2007.  Breeder(s)  Edith  S. Atchley and Lorena Downs.  By Ch. Rockeytop Dynasty of Sumar CD -  Rockeytop Sumar  Bawlin Berthe. Owner;  T Locatelli
BLACK AND TAN COONHOUNDS. Bred by Exhibitor  Doqs
 placement returned /registration problem 9  WINDB0URNE FOR YOUR EYES ONLY. HP256725/02. 6/2/2007, Breeder(s), Shelley L. Campbell & Pamela Muller & Shea & TIffany Skinner. By Ch Wlndbourne Make My Day - Ch. Windbourne Moonstruck OWNER(S): Shelley L. Campbell.
ABS 13 WYEAST WALK IN THE PARK. HP228386/02. 6/3/2006. Breeder(s), James & Kathleen Corbett. By Ch. Wyeasst Walk The Talk - Ch. Wyeast Wasabi. OWNER{S): Eileen & Steve Biles. (Luke Baggenstos, Agent)
                2d 1 pts
BLACK AND TAN COONHOUNDS. Puppy Bitches. 6 months and under 9 months
1 6 WlNDBOURNE THE WORLD IS HOT ENOUGH. HP258725103. 6/2/2007. Breeder(s). Shelley L Campbell & Pamela Muller & Shea & Tiffany Skinner. By Ch.Wlndboure Make My Day - Ch. Windbourne Moonstruck , OWNER(s): Shellay L. Campbell & Shea & Tiffany Skinner.
BLACK AND TAN COONHOUNDS. Bltches. 12 months and under 18 months
1 10 SOUTHCHASE'S GIRLS NIGHT OUT. HP242737/01. 1/11/2007. Breeder(s). Lynda Webb & Stan Belowlcz. By Ch, Southchase's Brave Heart - Ch. Southchase's Hellon Wheels. OWNER(S): Zoo Bolin.
1  WB  BW 14  WINDBOURNE SILVER LINNING. HP209056/01. 5/10/2006. Breeder(s), Shelley L. Campbell. By Ch. Windbourne Silver Hammer - Ch. Tanwood's Heart of Windbourne. OWNER(S): Shelley Campbell & Mary Jo & Steve Blaze.
2    RWB 16  HARMONY HOLLOW STORMY WEATHER. HP209079/05. 3/11/2006. Breeder(s), Pamela Agnew Kidd & Chuck Kidd. By Ch. Windbourne Silver Hammer-Harmony Hollow Let Freedom Ring.  OWNER(S}: Pamela Agnew Kidd & Chuck Kidd. (Shea or Tilfany Skinner. Agents)
4b 2 pts
1 20  CH. SPIRIT SONG OF OD'S TRIBE. HM681534/04. 2/19/1997. Breeder(s), OD Owens. By Choctaw of OD's Tribe - Sioux of OD's Tribe. OWNER(S):Leah Shirokoff.
2 22 CH. SOUTHCHASE'S SUMMER BLAZE. HM777014/06. 6/6/1998. Breeder(s), Lynda Webb & Shelley Cafferty & Stan Bielowicz, By Ch. Designer Southern Tradition - Southchase's Lyza Jane.  OWNER(S}: Mary Jo Jo & Steve Blaze.
BLACK AND TAN COONHOUNDS. Best of Breed Competition
BOB 9  CH. WINDBOURNE MAKE MY DAY, HP123396/01. 10/29/2004. Breedar(s). Shelley L. Campbell. By Ch. Windbourne's Ace of Spades - Ch. Windbourne Love Me Tender, OWNER(S): Shelley L. Campbell & Tiffany Skinner & Shea Skinner. (Dog) (Tiffany Skinner. Agent)
  21  CH. WlNDBOURNE PANTERA. HP209057/02. 5/6/2006, Breeder(s), Shelley Campbell. By Ch. Windbourne Make My Day - Ch, Windbourne Gone With The Wind. OWNER(S): Emalla Williams & Shelley Campbell. (Dog) (Junior Showmanship #6)
BOS 28 CH. FULLMOON'S UNFAITH FULL. HP212220/02. 5/7/2006, Breeder(s}, Meridith Langston. By Fullmoon Howdya Like Me Now - Fullmoon Witch Of The West OWNER(S): Valere James & Mary Greaver. (Bitch)
  30  CH. ROCKYTOP JAZ.-Z TARNISHED HALO. HP204981/02. 11/5/2006, Breeder(s), Kelly Duncan, By Ch. Bodaciously Gustavus- Cgch Kern's Black Ginger Ann. OWNER(S): Zoe Bolin. (Bitch)
  32  FULLMOON'S FULLY ENERGIZED. HP212220/01. 5/7/2006. Breeder(s), Meridith Langston. By FuUmoon's HowdYa Like Me Now - Fullmoon's Witch of the West, OWNER(S): Meredith Langston & Frances Olson. (Bitch) (Dick Greaver, Agent)
  34  CH. SOUTHCHASE'S HERE I AM, HPI59058/02, 4/22/2005, Breeder(s). Priscilla Yates & Lynda Webb. By CM. Southchase Georgia Rebellion - Southchase's Witchblade, OWNER(S): Mary Jo & Steve Blaze. (Bitch)
ABS 36  CH. SILVER RIDGE SHOWTYME AT WINDBOURNE. HP129927/07. 5/22/2006. Breeders), Gloria Castanholz & Lise Schermerhorn & Tia L. Johns. By Ch. Wlndbourne Make My Day - Ch Silver Ridge Starztimeless, OWNER(S): Shelley L. Campbell & Lisa Schermerhorn & S. & T, Skinner. (Bitch)
1 (10) SOUTHCHASE'S GIRLS NIGHT OUT. HP242131/01. 1/1/2007. OWNER: Zoe Bolin,
(30) CH. ROCKYTOP JAZ-Z TARNISHED HALO. HP2114981/02. 1/15/2006. OWNER: Zoe Bolin.
Best Junior Handler   Emalia Williams          (2 entries)
Novice Junior - Trenton Tyler Hollenkamp
Open Intermediate - Emalia Williams

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