2004 ABTCC Annual Awards
Raleigh, NC

Hall of Fame 

2005 Canine Inductee

CH Jersey’s Devouring Element CD TD NA NAJ VCD1 CGC TDI

Sire of Merit

Ch. Twinlakes St. Nic

Dam of Merit

Ch. Orion Fast and Loose

Top 10 Black and Tans, Breed, Group and Best In Show
2004 Rank  Name Of Dog Dogs Defeated
1 Ch. Southchases Brave Heart 1813
2 Ch Windbourne Ace of Spades 1809
3 Ch Southchase's It Happen One Night 1634
4 Ch Windbourne Lethal Weapon 1572
5 Ch Jersey Blu's Spirit of Christmas 735 
6 Ch Cashlane Radio Active at S. Chase  341
7 Ch Kalan's Paint Your Wagon 305
8 Ch Windbourne Good Day Sunshine 286
9 Ch Windbourne Cabaret 185
10 Ch Clover Creek Tyrone 164
Top 10 Black and Tans, Best of Breed
2004 Rank Name of Dog B&T’s Defeated
1 Ch. Southchase's It Happened One Night 251
2 Ch Windbourne Lethal Weapon 129 
Ch. Southchases Brave Heart 112
4 Ch Windbourne's Ace Of Spades 84
5 Ch Kalan's Blaze Starr 41
6 Ch Windbourne Gone With The Wind 38
7 Ch WyEast Walk The Talk 34 
8 Ch Southchase Georgia Rebellion 32
9 Ch Cashlane Radio Active At S. Chase 26
10 Ch Foxfire-Hothouse Snakeroot 23
Top 10 Black and Tans, Best of Opposite Sex
2004 Rank Name Of Dog B & T's Defeated
1 Ch. Windbourne Words Of Love 36
2 Ch Kalan's Blaze Starr 25
3 Ianliam Erin Go Braughless 24
4 Ch. Designer The Main Event 22
5 Ch Windbourne's Ace of Spades 19
Ch Morning Glory's Faith Alone 16
Ch Rockytop Swamp Witch CD 16
8 Ch Windbourne Gone With The Wind 15
9 Ch. WyEast Wasabi 10
10 Ch Cashlane Radio Active At S. Chase 9
Top 10 Junior Handlers
RANK Name of Junior Handler YTD POINTS 
1 Jynae Atherton 76
2 Amanda Mitchell 17
2004 Obedience Awards
#1 Razor Sharp Mable Ziegler
#2 WyEast Wild Mountain Rose CD Curt A & Karla Y Curtis
#3 Rikki UDX, NA Dawn & Dick Wessels
#4 Rockytop Black Wind Siren Robert Urban & Edith S. Atchley
#5 Ch. Rockytop Dynasty Of Sumar CD Edith S. Atchley & Lorena Downs
#6 Tri-Blu Montgomery F. Hall
2004 Agility Awards
#1 Rockytop Mountain River Rose CDX, AX, OAJ Michael E & Suzanne C Romero
#2 Southchase's Georgia Rebel CD, NAP, NJP Cynthia Lord
#3 Ch. Jersey's Devouring Element VCD1 Kathryn Ewing, Jinnie-Ann Stora, Michael & Susan Williams
#4 Shalom Skyhi Penny Royal NAP, NJP Marilu Baskin
Samantha II (B)   Owner: Paul H Evers   Title Date: 11-20-03
Southchase Gift of Song (B)   Owners: Roger & Lynn Seabrook   Title Date: 11-29-03
Southchase's Hellon Wheels (B)   Owners: Stan Bielowicz / Lynda Webb / Diana Biechler   Title Date: 11-9-03
Foxfire-Hothouse Snakeroot (D)   Owner: Robert Urban   Title Date: 3-6-04
Morning Glory's Faith Alone (B)   Owner: Nancy C McGuire DVM   Title Date: 3-22-04
Southchases Brave Heart (D)   Breeder: Stan Bielowicz, Lynda Webb, Diana Biechler   Title Date: 3-21-04
Kalan's Blaze Starr (B)      Owner: Kelly & Alan D Willard   Title Date: 4-9-04   
   Windbourne Words of Love (B)   Owner: Vicki H Redditt, Shelley L Campbell, Melissa Owens   Title Date: 4-3-04
WyEast Wings of an Eagle (D)   Owner: Lori A Latimer   Title Date: 4-3-04
Becoz He's Justin Time At Kalan (D)   Owner: Kelly & Alan Willard, Rebecca & Jerome Cozart   Title Date: 5-9-04
Designer Funny Girl (B)   Owner: Katherine S Settle D.V.M.   Title Date: 5-7-04
Windbourne Good Day Sunshine (D)   Owner: Mrs Shelley Campbell, Eileen & Steve Biles   Title Date: 5-7-04
Windbourne Silver Hammer (D)   Owner: Shelley L Campbell   Title Date: 5-8-04
Iainliam Erin Go Braughless (B)   Owner: V Anne Martin   TItle Date: 7-3-04
Trainchaser Midnight Ranger (D)   Owner: Jayne Schlegel   Title Date: 7-24-04
Southchases Three Ring Circus (B)   Owners: Lynda Webb, Stan Bielowica, Diana Biechler   Title Date: 8-22-04
Briarhunt's PDQ (B)   Owner: Joy Lynne Huntley   Title Date: 9-11-04
Foxfire Stand By Me (D)   Owners: Chris Hooker & Robert Urban   Title Date: 9-18-04
Rockytop Swamp Witch, CD (B)   Owner: Edith S Atchley & Lorena Downs   Title Date: 10-2-04
 Silver Ridge A Star Is Born (B)   Owner: Lisa L Schermerhorn & Tia L Johns   Title Date: 10-29-04
WyEast Wasabi (B)   Owner: Mary R Horman   Title Date: 10-2-04
Companion Dog
Rockytop Swamp Witch (B)   Owners: Edith S Atchley & Lorena Downs   Title Date: 11-30-03
WyEast Wild Mountain Rose (B)   Owners: Curt A & Karla Y Curtis   Title Date: 8-14-04
Ch Rockytop Dynasty of Sumar (D)   Owner: Edith S Atchley & Lorena J Downs   Title Date: 10-2-04
Companion Dog Excellent
Rockytop Mountain River Rose CD OA OAJ (B)   Owner:Michael E & Suzanne C Romero   Birthdate: 3-11-98
Utility Dog
Razor Sharp (D)   Owner: Mable Ziegler   Title Date: 1-11-04
Novice Agility Preferred
Shalom Skyhi Penny Royal, NJP (B)   Owner: Marilu Baskin   Title Date: 9-25-04

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