American Black and Tan Coonhound Club
Dams of Merit - minimum of 4 AKC champions
Dam of Merit Awards - 2009 to Present
Year Dam of Merit # of CH Progeny
2014 GCH OrionRedSea-Windbourne Oregon Garden Rose Blossom 8
2012 CH Rockytop Jazz-Z Tarnished Halo 8
2009 CH Rockytop Swamp Witch CD 5

The following list is the Dams of Merit
through February 2009 Gazette
Thanks to Kathleen Corbett for the information

Ashley Creek Miss Molly
Berghafen Johnson Hendrika
Ch Briarhuntís Celine Dion Eh  CGC
Brod Hyllís Some Like It Hot
Brod Hill Wind Oí Pineview
Clover Creek Misty Blue
Codachís Lyrical Crescendo
Codachís Lyrical Echo
Coonrun Tallahasse of St John
DoMorís RockiníB Black Molly
Eljayís Elfin Magic
Ch FullMoon's Startin The Party
Herringís Black Beaut
Ch Highflyer Sugar Magnolia
Johnsonís Singing Dolly
Kennisan Mt Bodacious Bobbe
Merhaba Magique Missouri
Merhaba Marimba
MHF Trailchaser Black Velvet
Ch Molly Parton of Penn-Rook
Ch Nicks Deep Creek Lady
Ch Orionís Fast and Loose
Pineview Primrose Prissy
Porterís Moonshine Dixie
Ridgeland OíSusannah
Ridgeland Sweet Sue
Ridgemohrís Stormy Trailer
Rosierís Bell
Shirtrai Clarion
Ch Shirtrai Country Music
Shirtrai My Patience
Shirtrai Sue
Shirtrai Sunshine of Tri-Blu
Shirtrai Trinity
Ch Silver Ridge Berry Sue
Ch Silver Ridge Huricane Lacy
Ch Silver Ridge Starz Timeless
Southchaseís Lyza Jane
Ch South Ridgeís Oprah Wyn Free
St Johnís Allworth
St Johnís Bobbi-Jo
St Johns Eljay Shirtrai Siera
St Johnís Fanny Hill
St Johnís Impa
St Johnís Martha
St Johns Ruby
St Johnís WyíEast Dawn
Stoneyhillís Jody Like A Melody
Stoneyhillís Miss Melanie
Stoneyhillís Miss Prissy
Stoneyhills One of a Kind
Sumarís A Little Cut Up
Sumarís Never On Monday
Sumarís Ruby Tuesday Shirtrai
Tanwoodís Heart of Windbourne
Trailchaserís Old Black Betty
Traverse Hill Allegro
Ch TraverseHill Gypsy Woman
Traverse Hillís Midniite Magic
Twinlakes Annie of Northwind
Twinlakes Miss Ellie
Twinlakes Miss Independent
Twinlakes Queen Bee
Twinlakes Shady Lady
Ch Twin Lakes Tar Baby
Ch Vm Bree Silver Ridge Lil Ann
Ch Windbourne Cabaraet
Ch Windbourne Gone With The Wind
Ch Windbourneís Love Me Tender
WyEast Wallflower
Ch WyEast Wasabi
Ch WyEast Western Raindance CD
WyEast Whatnot
WyEast Whistling Dixie
WyEast Why Not Me
WyEast Wildflower
Ch WyEast Witch Hazel
Ch WyEast Witís End
WyEast Won and Only
Ch WyEast Wrapped in Velvet

If these numbers do not agree with the owner's recollections, please send a list of Champions produced to 
Kathy Corbett at 20665 SW Johnson St, Aloha OR 97006 or by email to

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