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Coonhounds and Kids, Preserved

Well-tested and Successful

Mix the children and dogs well together and put them in the field, stirring constantly. Toss the pebbles in the brook, and spread the field with the flowers. Drop clouds by the spoonful in the sky and spread over the field. Share the peanut butter sandwiches between the Coonhounds and the Kids. Garnish with Sun. When kids are brown, place in bathtub to cool.

Finger Paints

Dissolve starch in 3 T. Cold water. Mix in boiling water and stir till clear. Cool and add a few drops of food coloring. Paint with fingers on paper.

Fruit Cooler


Combine 2 cups milk, vanilla ice cream, and juice concentrate in container of electric blender; process until mixture is smooth. Add remaining 1 cup milk; process until smooth. Pour mixture into five 10 oz glasses and top each serving with a scoop of sherbet. Serves 5.

Vicki Redditt

Play Dough

Mix alum, water and oil together. Add flour and salt mixture. Knead to remove lumps, and add desired food coloring. Store in tight container.

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