American Black and Tan
Coonhound Club

The following are the OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) patella listings
for Black and Tan Coonhounds.  

CN-PA1/58/M/P-PI Orion-Redsea Cal Ripkin;  Vicki H. Redditt and Melissa Owens  (Mar 6 2003) 
CN-PA2/42F/P-PI Windbourne Words Of Love Vicki H. Redditt, Melissa Owens,  & Shelley Campbell  (Feb 15 2007)
CN-PA3/24M/P-PI Wyeast Willie Nelson James & Kathleen Corbett
CN-PA4/24M/P-VPI Orionredsea-Windbourne Old Faithful Maureen Finch
CN-PA5/28M/P-VPI Orionredsea-Windbourne Utah's Red Rock Cliffs Melissa Owens & Vicki Redditt
CN-PA6/27F/P-VPI Wyeast Willow of Orion-Redsea Melissa Owens & Vicki Redditt
CN-PA7/27F/P-VPI Wyeast Wren of Orion-Redsea Melissa Owens & Vicki Redditt
CN-PA8/28M/P-VPI Jazzman Southern Pacific Big Boy John Magenau & Zoe Bolin
CN-PA9/71F/P-VPI Wyeast When In Rome Amanda Pillow & Traci Mitchell
CN-PA10/73F/P-VPI Orionredsea-Windbourne Purple Mountain Majesty Traci A. Mitchell
CN-PA11/47M/P-VPI Windbourne Scoutout In High Pursuit of Carlin Amanda Pillow, Traci Mitchell & Emily McCarthy
CN-PA12/31F/P-VPI Carlin Never Getting Back Together Amanda Pillow & Traci Mitchell
CN-PA13/31M/P-VPI Carlin Life Is A Highway Amanda Pillow & Traci Mitchell
CN-PA14/20F/P-VPI Carlin Scoutout Black Caviar Amanda Pillow & Traci Mitchell
CN-PA15/20M/P-VPI Carlin Scoutout Black To The Future Amanda Pillow & Traci Mitchell
CN-PA16/20M/P-VPI Carlin Scoutout Six Black Horses Amanda Pillow & Traci Mitchell
CN-PA17/12M/P-VPI Carlin July In Cheyenne Amanda Pillow & Traci Mitchell


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