American Black and Tan Coonhound Club
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OFA Hip series 700 - 799

OFA Hip # Dog's Name Registration # CHIC #
CN-700G28F-VPI Foster's Dandy Daisy HP54603808  
CN-701G52M-NOPI Generals Bullet HP50668708  
CN-702G35F-VPI Windbourne Born To Be Wild HP54299201  
CN-703G24F-VPI Windbourne Jump Right In HP55954101 152530
CN-704E51F-VPI Nidy's Tri Blu One & Only Aurora HX00390201 149789
CN-705F31M-VPI Foster's Riverbottom Rambler HP54948605  
CN-706E26M-VPI PVK Foster's Breaking Out Beau HP55892903  
CN-707G24F-VPI Rockytop Foster's Once Again Miss Katie HP56357603  
CN-708F42M-VPI Kennisaw Bayaway Mr Commissioner HP53295306  
CN-709E25F-VPI Rockytop Top Hat Shall We Dance HP56278007  
CN-710F29M-VPI Foxfire Rockytop Fired Up HP56030301  
CN-711F24F-VPI Windbourne White Nights HP56806503 154243
CN-712G24M-VPI Old Soul Jazzman's Out Of The Blue HP56847406 154716
CN-713E25F-VPI Southwind Little Red Corvette HX00401507  
CN-714G28F-VPI Fischbael's Jamine Styles W545279  
CN-715E90M-NOPI Top Hat's Small Town Southern Man HP45881801  
CN-716G47F-NOPI Southwind Fate Of The Furious HX00394902  
CN-717E24F-VPI Gabrielle Rockytop Blossoming Meadow HP57889601 159964
CN-718E31F-VPI WyEast Wild Child Of Bayaway HP56957703  
CN-719G24M-VPI Jazzman Armoured Vehicle HP58132501 158986
CN-720G24F-VPI Rockytop Jazzman Mercedes Benz HP58132503 158987
CN-721F24F-VPI Jazzman Civic Accord HP58132502 158988
CN-722G28M-PI Windbourne Shameless HP57301101  
CN-723G24F-VPI Jazzman Earhart's Journey To Old Soul HP58441202 163394
CN-724G54M-VPI Southwind Fast N The Furious HP40819702  
CN-725E24F-C-VPI Windbourne Absolut HP59807204  


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