American Black and Tan
Coonhound Club

The following are the OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) hip listings
for Black and Tan Coonhounds.  They are listed in groups of 25 dogs
and are in ascending order.

OFA #   Dogs Name Owner
CN399 SS Tall-One Riverview Andrew Meridith Langston
CN398 Briarhunt's Soloman Jerzblu Eh Jinnie-Anne Stora & Joy Huntley
CN 397 Tanwood's Heart Of Windbourne Shelley L Campbell
CN 396 Setter Downs African Queen Mary E French & Allard C French, Jr
CN 395 Ch WyEast What Are The Odds Lorrie Owens
CN 394 Kalan's Govenor Pickens Don Pennington
CN 393 Ch Kalans Fortune Teller Allan Willard
CN 392 Twinlakes Echo Whisper Neal L Emmons
CN 391 Ch Chinquapin Myway Or Else Bobbi Loggins Ward
CN 390 Ch Rockin'B Have Mercy, CD Nancy McGuire, DVM
CN 389 Orion-Red Sea Pistol Pete Richard & Dawn Wessels
CN 388 Ch Be-Coz Rhymin' Simon Jo-LL Joseph & Lisa Ivey
CN 387 Ch Jersey's Eaglewing Debutant Jyane Atherton & Jinnie Stora
CN 386 Ch Jersey's Winter's Brittle Fury Jinnie-Ann Stora & Elly Rensink
CN 385 Designer Twinlakes Nasdaq Katherine Settle, DVM
CN 384 Southchase's Merry Magpie Linda Web & Stan Bielowicz
CN 383 Ch Sumar Jersey's Blu I'm A Ten Bernard Trueper & Jinnie Stora
CN 382 Twinlakes Sally Neal L Emmons
CN 381 Ch Southchases Can You Do Magic, CGC Linda Web & Stan Bielowicz
CN 380 Ch Sumar's Jerzblu Cracklinrosie Gary & Penny Robichaud
CN 379 Chinquapin Twinlake Windstar Neal Emmons
CN 378 Be-Coz Twinlakes Amy Grant Neal Emmons
CN 377 Twinlakes Queen Neal Emmons
CN 376 Twinlakes Duchess Neal Emmons
CN 375 Southchases Blackmoor Jeff Schwartz


OFA #    Dogs Name Owner
CN 374 Rockin'B The Joker O' Foxfire Robert Urban
CN 373 Vom Bree Anastasia Lori Wampler
CN 372 Ch WyEast Wells Fargo James S & Kathleen M Corbett
CN 371 Parscal's Bubba James S & Kathleen M Corbett
CN 370 Santana's Summer Sun Lisa Reid
CN 369 SO-Chase Twinlakes Carrie Neal Emmons
CN 368 Ch SO-Chase Twinlakes Terry Neal Emmons
CN 367 Ch Rockin' B Sharp Dressed Man April & Larry Burchfield
CN 366 Ch Jersey's Devouring Element K Ewing & S Williams
CN 365 Sumar's Never On Monday Edith S Atchley & Sue Meyer
CN 364 Twinlakes Outlaw's Pirate Daniel W. McAllen III
CN 363 WyEast Wandering Minstrel Margo Sensenbrenner
CN 362 Ch Sumar's A Cut Beyond Marvin W Meyer
CN 361 Southchase-Twinlakes Lyndie Neal Emmons
CN 360 Twinlakes Gotcha Too V Moonwalker Ted Lee
CN 359 Ch WyEast Witch Doctor Pamala A Muller
CN 358 Ch Rocky Top Black Minx John E Sutton
CN 357 Ch WyEast Witch Hazel Shelley L Campbell
CN 356 Foxfire Fayalite Robert Urban
CN 355 Foxfire Craigwood Firefly Robert Urban
CN 354 Twinlakes Annie Oakley Neal L. Emmons
CN 353 Ch Setter Downs Twinlakes Alma Neal L. Emmons
CN 352 No Data Submitted From OFA  
CN 351 Ch WyEast Wedgwood James S & Kathleen M Corbett


OFA #   Dogs Name Owner
CN 350 Ch WyEast Wrecking Crew James S & Kathleen M Corbett
CN 349 Ch WyEast Wine and Rubies II James S & Kathleen M Corbett
CN 348 Ch WyEast Whitewater James S & Kathleen M Corbett
CN 347 Ch WyEast What's Your Pleasure James S & Kathleen M Corbett
CN 346 Ch WyEast Willow The Wysp Beth Brinkley
CN 345 Ch WyEast Who's On First James S & Kathleen M Corbett
CN 344 Orion Allison Blue Vicki Redditt
CN343 Ch. Twinlakes Lamar Be-Coz Jerome  & Rebecca Cozart
CN 342 Southchase's Sweet Adelaine Linda Webb & Stan Bielowlcz
CN 341 Twinlakes Snake Lady Neal L. Emmons
CN 340 WyEast Windbourne Classic James S & Kathleen M Corbett
CN 339 Briarhunt's Chablle Joy Huntley
CN 338 Sweet Adeline Vombree Robbie & Craig Cunningham
CN 337 Ch Foxfire Fanfare Robert Urban
CN 336 Ch Jersey's Rejuvenatin Tempest Jinnie-Ann Stora
CN 335 Ch Myway Black Moon Rising Bobbie Loggins
CN 334 Double B's Spirit of Tanwood Cheryl Speed
CN 333 Designer Southern Tradition Katherine S. Settle, DVM
CN 332 Ch Sumar's Going South Larry & April Burchfield
CN 331 Tanwood's High Flyer Calhoun Cheryl Speed
CN 330 Twinlakes Georgia Be-Coz Jerome & Rebecca Cozart
CN 329 Ch El Mack's Cher Eleanor A Keefe
CN 328 Trailchaser's Doc Holliday Miki Perry
CN 327 Designer Southern Comfort Julian Scott Linford
CN 326 Southchase's Brother Eli Lynda Webb & Stan Bielowicz
CN 325 Ch Foxfire Forester Robert Urban

OFA #   Dogs Name Owner
CN 324 Gr Ch "PR" Canyon Ck Birdman Janet Kosnik
CN 323 Ch Orion's Fast and Loose Vicki Redditt & Melissa Owens
CN 322 Ch VmBree Silver Ridge Lil Ann Gloria Castenholz
CN 321 Ch Southchase's Just-N-Time Lynda Webb & Stan Bielowicz
CN 320 Double B's Princess Jasmine Edith & Samantha Atchley
CN 319 Ch Designer Southern Enterprise Katherine S. Settle, DVM
CN 318 Ch Shirtrai Nashville Sound Shirley I. Trainer
CN 317 Sumar's Ruby Tuesday Shirtrai S Trainer, M Meyer, J Stora
CN 316 Ch Twinlakes Saint Nic Alan D Willard
CN 315 St John's Sookie Tawdry Marvin Meyer
CN 314 Ch Rockytop Rhiannon In Harmony, CGC Pamela R Agnew & Edith S Atchley
CN 313 Ch Briarhunt's Dutch Henry Brown William C Young
CN 312 Ch Rockin B's Whole Lotta Love Larry & April Burchfield
CN 311 Ch Tanwood's Twilight Agenda Cheryl Speed & Jill King
CN 310 Maltsby's Carolina Moonlight Ninja Geoff Kuhn & Susan Katz
CN 309 Sandstone's Twinlake Echo Neal Emmons
CN 308 Ch Trailchaser's Hard-Hearted Hannah Shelley & James Cafferty
CN 307 Red Farm Home Before Dark James Boyle & Christopher Mars
CN 306 Foxfire Born In The USA C Hooker, B Urban, K Settle, DVM
CN 305 Foxfire IBM Hard Drive Katherine S. Settle, DVM
CN 304 WyEast Western Harmony Duane McComb
CN 303 Ch Rockytop Queen Bee Edith S & Samantha L Atchley
CN 302 Ch Setter Downs Star O' Rockytop Allard French & Edith Atchley
CN 301 Shirtrai I'm A Hoot Shirley I Trainer
CN 300 Brod Hyll's Black Tykoon Arthur & Deborah Wheelock

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